General Civil Law - Civil Rights - Defective Products

Eddie Schmidt represents children, single mothers, families, the disabled, seniors, and working people who have been harmed by abusive and irresponsible conduct. Most folks Eddie represent have suffered a tragedy that has turned their lives upside down and have never had to hire a lawyer or thought about it. Eddie does not advertise on TV, radio or billboards and does not have a high client volume office. He only takes cases he is willing to try before a jury and works every case as though it will be tried. If you have been needlessly harmed by irresponsible conduct and need a lawyer, or if you are a lawyer who needs expert assistance with a complicated case, you are invited to look over this website.

General Civil

Anytime unreasonable behavior harms someone, the wrongdoer may be liable to pay compensation.

Civil Rights

When the government violates someone’s federal rights, the government can be liable for the harm caused.

Defective Product Cases

A product that is unreasonably dangerous by design, lack of guard or inadequate warning is a defective product.